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our Founder

Dr. Vudeaux Spice started Vudeaux Chatte’ ™ in January 2018. Her vision was to give consumers the opportunity to enjoy Yoni Steams in the privacy of their own home. Vudeaux Chatte” ™ is composed of organic, fresh herbs such as: Lavender, White Sage, Rosemary, Clove, Calendula, etc. Her mission is self care without breaking the bank, and Yoni wellness is just as important as any other form of self care.

Dr. Vudeaux Spice is a third-generation Caribbean American, and Atlanta native (by way of Brooklyn, NY), and an actual Doctor; receiving her PhD from Walden University. On her list of accomplishments. Dr. Vudeaux Spice is an Author, Entrepreneur, and Wellness Professional. In 2020 Dr. Vudeaux Spice plans to host Yoni Steam parties and reserve an intimate space where ladies can receive Yoni Steam and other self care services..